WBD embraces Facebook

Sunday, 1 June, 2014



On 1st July 2013, Patrick Woodroffe Lighting Design and Adam Bassett Design merged to become Woodroffe Bassett Design. The primary spreading of this news was via facebook.

While many hours can be lost updating profile pictures and watching amusing videos of cats falling off things, Facebook can also serve as a useful communication tool. Not only can people view examples of the exciting projects we have been working on, but it gives us the opportunity to reach out to potential collegues when opportunities arise.

Within the last year we have been able to advertise a number of freelance positions along with opportunites for internships and work experience. The added bonus of Facebook users being able to "share" these posts has enabled our adverts to be shown to a much wider audience, and in turn we are now in-touch with a lot of new faces.

We hope that those following our page enjoy the photos we try and post of each production we are working on. We are slowly working our way back through the archives and will continue adding the highlights from the company's history.

Please "like" us on facebook and keep an eye out for future developments!