Roland Greil & Marc Lorenz's Showlicht

Wednesday, 28 January, 2015

WBD associate Roland Greil and his colleague Marc Lorenz have just published a fascinating and informative book in Germany on lighting programming and operating. It’s not as colourful as 50 Shades of Grey but we highly recommend it anyway!

An english translation of the book description:

Most viewers and even most event technicians wont see a lighting design until it is finalised, but this has often been a month-long preparation in several stages.


With this book, the authors show what steps you have to go through from the initial idea to the finished design. The first drawing will usually take place on a sheet of paper or a napkin. Then lamps are selected, prepared, visualised and programmed. Only after many individual stages can the finished design be seen on stage.


How to optimally route from a lighting design idea to the finished product is clearly explained in this book. There is also advice from renowned lighting designers such as Jerry Appelt, Patrick Woodroffe, Lui Helmig and Gunther Hecker.


"Showlicht is a great book that shows how to get with creativity and efficiency to a good show." - Jerry Appelt


"This book is the ultimate tool for those who want to learn about the strange but wonderful world of lighting and programming. Whether you are a beginner, expert or somewhere in between, this book is something of interest for everyone." - Patrick Woodroffe


Showlicht can be purchased from Lekro Media by clicking here with an English version to follow in the not too distant future!