Light to Light at The Holburne Museum

Monday, 11 November, 2013

Patrick is currently designing a site specific installation "Light to Light" which will open in Bath next month. The Holburne Museum Garden will host a spectacular display of LED lights of varying brightness and colour to create a rich and layered bed of light that ripples and dances to a sound track (compiled and created by English composer Matt Clifford).

"Light is the medium I have used in my work for over forty years and is something I am constantly aware of in all its beautiful and diverse forms. Often the lighting we use on a stage is a reflection of some sort of performance - theatre, dance, music and ceremony - but here the light takes on the role of the performer in isolation. The gardens at the Holburne Museum are the perfect site for this celebration of light and colour".

Patrick's stage this winter is the Holburne Museum's garden. Put on your ‘silent' headphones and immerse yourself in a performance of colour, light and sound.

Light to Light opens at the Holburne Museum of Art on Wednesday 4 December and runs until Sunday 5 January. Open 4-6pm (Sunday - Thursday), 4-7pm (Friday & Saturday) Closed 24 to 26 Dec and 1 Jan.

Please visit the Holburne Museum website to find out more.